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What I Learned About Summer Running

I would put forth a wonderfully informative and useful post on tips for running in the heat and humidity.  Unfortunately, I haven’t figured that out yet.  So, instead of providing insight into steps to take to make running in the heat an enjoyable experience, I thought I would share what I have learned about running in the heat from my trials and errors.

1.  It sucks.  There is no way around it.  Sweating starts immediately, and if you’re lucky, your own smell does not catch up with you for a few miles.

2.  It is a good way to lose weight (temporarily).  I like the temporary feeling of being a few pounds lighter following a good heat run.  Of course, I put the pounds back on once I re-hydrate.  But it feels good for a little bit.

3.  It gives you something to brag about.  Sure, I was out there huffing and puffing, wondering if I would make it back, and whining in my head the whole time, but I was out there.

4.  Things will only get better.  It makes those runs in the winter, when the temps are in the teens and the wind is howling seem a whole lot more enjoyable.

5.   Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  This part is pretty self explanatory.  I think I quit sweating about mile 17 in the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I have told myself “never again.”  We’ll see.  This summer is putting me to the test.

6.  It could be worse.  The highest temperature in July in my area was 106 last year, and the average high was 95.  This year the average high so far is 87.

7.  I love it — when I’m done.  It gives a sense of accomplishment.  As I said above, at least I am out there.  At least I am putting myself through it.  A few years back, getting out in the heat was the last thing I wanted to do unless in involved a lake.  Now,  I feel a bit guilty for wimping out at hitting the treadmill to stay a bit cooler.

Maybe one day I will have a post on tips for running in the heat.  Until then, I will rely on others for that.  Until then, I will continue learning through trial and error — mostly error.

So apparently it’s CRAZY hot in NYC.  I better brace myself after this mild London weather.  See you soon, NYC! 

Running – R.U.T.S.

I am not currently in a running rut.  I enjoy it as much as always.  I am as motivated as always.  I look forward to getting out for that run as much as ever.  I have 5 races* on the training calendar.  I suffering from what I call R.U.T.S. however.  Running Under Time Stresses.   Most every runner suffers from this condition, the chief presenting symptoms of which are  difficulty fitting in that run for the day and the need to rearrange training schedules.

I see it as a good thing that I am having this problem.  For me, it means two things:  (1) Work is busy, which in my line of work is a good thing, and (2) I actually am anxious that I am having trouble finding the time to run.  If I was not anxious, I would be worried.  It would mean that I don’t have the motivation to continue to get out there and run.  Luckily, that is not a problem at this point, especially with those 5 races down the road.

When suffering from RUTS, the picture above explains the cure perfectly.  When you don’t have time to run, make time.  Most everyone has at least an extra 30 minutes a day.  For me, that generally includes taking my luch time to get a run in, or a late night treadmill run for my wife, or a mid-afternoon work break for a couple of my co-workers.  On weekends, finding the time for those long runs can be more difficult.  This weekend, it involves arriving at an out of town meeting a few hours early and finding a local running route for an 8 miler.  Finding creative ways to fit in that next run is part of the fun of it.  Just like life, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if everything fit neatly into a predetermined schedule.  Easier?  Sure.  More fun?  Probably not.

For that reason, I try not to complain too much when I am having trouble fitting in that run.  If that is the worst problem of my day, then I can call it a good day.  However, that Dumbo Double Dare is less than 60 days away, so making that time is becoming more important.  

*5 Races:  Dumble Double Dare (Disneyland), Mill Race Half Marathon(Columbus, IN), Southernmost Half Marathon (Key West, FL), Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon (Louisville, KY), Walt Disney World 10K+Marathon.