Marathon Guy

Marathon Guy

The headline was blunt, yet effective:  “101 Year Old Man Retires From Running Marathons, Shaming You.”  Deadspin.com strikes again.  You can always count on them for a good headline, and this one did not disappoint.  This was not just another bait of a headline, with no substance to back it up.  After reading the story, I wouldn’t say I was shamed, but it did give me another reminder of how flimsy some of my excuses can be.

For example:  “I am too old for this.”  This guy STARTED running marathons at age 89.   He has completed 8 marathons. He still plans to run four hours a day in his “retirement.”

So, as I work my way back into training, it is stories like this that help along the way.  Every little bit helps.  From cool memes to “shame on you stories” on the internet, I will take my motivation where I can find it.  And this article, particularly the last paragraph, provided both a laugh and some shaming inspiration for the day. I’ll admit I have my doubts about his real age.  But does it really matter all that much?   

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