Kids’ Night

Our next long race is the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon in Lexington on March 30.  Our boys are both signed up for the kids’ race that day as well.  Our three year old has been asking to run a race for a while now because he wants another medal. He loves his medal from the Big Hit Kids’ Races last fall, and wants to add to his collection.  In addition to the RTB Kids’ Race, our eight year old says he wants to do a 5k.  Well, tonight they both convinced us to let them on the treadmill for a little “practice.”  It was more like a ride at Disney World for them.  No, we did not let the little guy on it by himself.

I stood on the treadmill with him, and we started out at a slow walk.  By the end, he was at 4mph.  Pretty fast for a little guy!  Big brother got up to a pretty good clip himself!  In our little treadmill introduction,  the boys and I ran a mile relay.  It was an enjoyable evening.  It is good to see them being active, and good to see them interested in things mommy and daddy do.  I am sure it is only a matter of time before our coolness wears off.

While the little guy’s interest in running is relatively new, big brother has been interested since he was in kindergarten.  One day after gym class, his PE teacher, whom he adored (and who was the favorite of all the moms at the school for obvious reasons), told him that he had good running form and could be a good runner.  That brief bit of encouragement registered, and has stuck with him to this day. He has been confident in his running ability from that day forward.  He couldn’t wait to participate in cross country this past fall.  Just another example of the power of a good word, and the influence of teachers on our kids.  Mr. Robinson is no longer at the school, but we are sure glad he was there when he was.  I am also glad that my wife any I started running, so we could help foster his interest.

On a final note, more than one person has asked me why I run.  In fact, I asked myself that very question many times over the last 9 miles of our recent marathon.  Well, today Run The Bluegrass posted a story about Tom Little, someone else who likes to run for similar reasons as I. His story eloquently sums it up for me, and I am sure for many others as well:

“…[M]any of my friends ask me why I run. Since I readily admit that I’m not in love with the process of running itself, it does seem a bit odd. However, the answer is really pretty simple: I run so that I can enjoy my life. . . .”  He continued, “I want to enjoy as many years on earth as possible, with my family… and friends. I also want to enjoy good food and drink and a lifestyle where I savor the good life. Recreational running allows me to do that. I’ll never win a competitive race, but every run is a personal victory.”

So true.  You can see the rest of the story at Run The Bluegrass’ Facebook page.

Still learning, this whole blogging thing. Not yet ready for prime time.

2 thoughts on “Kids’ Night

  1. M.A.

    You know, sometimes the reasons we run change from day to day…one day it might be stress-relief after a long day at work, the next it’s because I had too many chips and margaritas (or I plan to)… But we always end up back at it again, one reason or another. That’s why we can call ourselves runners. We just run.

    Love the blog. Keep it coming!


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